making a back to the futere box for my son


i will get a box like this one in the picture ,

and i will fill it with things for my sons ,

about the time the turn 18 i will be an old man,

in this box i will put things in that are hot wanted items right now

and the will not be for sale in 18 years so the have brand new stuf from the past into the future……


a cold steel G.I Tanto because you cant beat it for 20 bucks ,

its a beat around beast that will get the job done .

Mora Classic N.1

a mora clasic 1 or 2

in a custom leather sheath 1 for each son


2 pair of ranger beads to keep a pace count ,

i dont know how the world will look like in 18 years from now ,

so things for navigation is always handy


i will look and find 2 antique compasses ,

because i dont like the made in taiwan cheap shit ,

that will break really easy ,


each son will have a sturdy medium alicepack

with there names on it .


maps of the land of there roots

so the can go back and see where there ancestral family

came from long time ago .


pictures of me and there mom  holding them in the hospital

the day the where born , and a flash drive for each ,with a personal

video message telling them i will always love them and how proud i am to be there dad.


a ring made of a golden 10 Gulden coin 100 years before there dad was born 1876 .

also some other coins and treasures i want them to have .

“My son ask for thyself another kingdom
For that which I leave is too small for thee”

“With love Mom and Dad”

How to take your Mora Classic N.1 to the next bushcraft level


great posting as a bushcrafter i love it gonna get me a morakniv too :)

Originally posted on Wild Tuscany Bushcraft:


The knife

Mora knives (the brand name is Morakniv®) are actually a must-have for any true bushcraft lovers: these knives are simple, practical with excellent cutting properties at very inexpensive prices.
Recently Morakniv® has also developed a new line of knives with great attention to the bushcraft world, if you are interested go to this page
But two of the most popular bushcraft knives of Mora of Sweden are the oldest Mora models: the Mora Classic Number 1 and 2.
If your haven’t in your equipment one these knives, i must say… buy it! 

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the forrest of dreams


Where sunshine flecks the green,
Through towering woods my way
Goes winding all the day.

Scant are the flowers that bloom
Beneath the bosky screen
And cage of golden gloom.
Few are the birds that call,
Shrill-voiced and seldom seen.

Where silence masters all,
And light my footsteps fall,
The whispering runnels only
With blazing noon confer;
And comes no breeze to stir
The tangled thickets lonely.

Picture by:H.L.Stellingsma




i deleted my account ,

why did i do that ?

well ….

i hate it when people tell me how to make pictures

your picture must…….and your picture cant…..

i am a free person and if i like my picture to have a small border

than i will give it a border , there is way to much you must on

so …..

delete my account .

the gratitude of Maastricht


Peter Gulikers and patrick Seintra

started a fund raiser te collect money

to honor the man of the 30th infantry brigade

“Old hickory division “because the liberated Maastricht from Nazi Germany as the first city in Holland .

september 1944 was that time that Maastricht was free .

de bronze U.S Soldier holding his rifle and 2 kids holding little freedom flags wold cost +/- 50.000 Euro,s

the fund raiser started 12 september and whe all hope that its realized September 2019 exactly 75 years after Maastricht was free .