Europa: Moslims verklaren de ‘jihad’ op alle honden


en nog steeds wil de linkse elite er niks van zien dat de massa immigratie is mislukt……

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Een Nederlandse Moslim politicus heeft opgeroepen tot een verbod op honden in Den Haag, de derde grootste stad van Nederland. De Islamitische juridische traditie bepaalt dat honden ‘onreine’ dieren zijn, en sommigen zeggen dat de oproep om honden te verbieden in Nederland en elders een noodzaak is om inbreuk op de islamitische sharia in Europa te voorkomen.

EUROPE: Muslims declare ‘jihad’ on all dogs
A Dutch Muslim politician has called for a ban on dogs in The Hague, the third-largest city in the Netherlands. Islamic legal tradition holds that dogs are ‘unclean’ animals, and some say the call to ban them in Holland and elsewhere represents an attempted encroachment of Islamic Sharia law in Europe.


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lets do this people



good morning wordpress people :)

how did you all sleep last night ? nice warm and comfortable ?,

29 october is make a sandwich day you people know this day ?

its simple you wake up take a shower ,drink tea or coffee and make 2 sandwiches ,

1 you eat yourself the other one you putt in a brown paper bag , and you go outside ,

walk the block maybe 2 you find a homeless person and give them the bag with a sandwich …..if possible say something nice too :)…..

result : you just made a homeless person feel like there not lost and people still care ….

this is called Good Karma and it will be returned to you 1 day……



weapons for the kurds


the kurds are fighting isis with rusty old ak47 from 1960.

i think al nato country,s must send some weapons and gear to the kurds .

Holland lets send 10.000 diemaco,s c7 too the kurdistan fighters .

download (1)

and some 5.56×45 nato rounds too waste those isis basterds .

diemaco is a canadian weapon so each round will be a payback for the canadian soldiers killed last week !!! .

lets stop isis once and forever.

In Historic Shift, NATO-Member Poland Is Moving Thousands Of Troops To Its Eastern Border!


europe is going bye bye count on it !!! media is looking thru the pink glasses and wont get there head out of there asses and lying to the people shitstorm dead ahead wipe and flush !!!

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  • In Historic Shift, NATO-Member Poland Is Moving Thousands Of Troops To Its Eastern Border! 
    by Tyler Durden,
    In the first sign that, just in time for winter, the tentative European jawboning alliance against Russia is collapsing (since the “costs”, sanctions and other economic means inflicted upon the Kremlin ended up backfiring and pushing Europe into a triple-dip recession instead), earlier today Poland announced that it will move thousands of troops toward its eastern borders, i.e., Ukraine, in what AP dubbed a “historic realignment of a military structure built in the Cold War.”
    Why is NATO-member Poland doing something which will clearly only send antagonizing signals to Putin, who previously has made it quite clear that any NATO expansion via the Polish corridor will be met with an appropriate response? Not surprisingly, defense minister Tomasz Siemoniak said the troops are needed in the east because of…

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Winter Is Coming


Winter Is Coming

The sky is deepest blue,
The Sun is shining bright,
But there’s a chillness to the air,
I feel it everywhere,
All through the day and night;
Winter is coming.

The swallows have flown south
Long time since, and the ground
Is hard beneath my boots,
The trees stand bare of leaves and fruits,
And all around
Is still,
Winter is coming.

The sky will soon be gone,
Obscured by cloud,
The ponds and lakes begin to freeze,
The wind will bend the trees
Until they’re bowed
In supplication.
Winter is coming, again.

I feed the hungry birds in my garden:
Song thrush, starling, sparrow.
The light fades from the Sun
Now darker days have come,
The cold bites to the marrow,
And Winter is here.

unknown artist.

Terrible Situation


help needed ….anyone ???

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Something from a nightmare happened, something terrible and I at this time, don’t know what to do. I chose the wrong external hard drive to store my photographs. Yesterday I found out the hard way. I dropped that hard drive and in so doing, I damaged it.

So much so that every single original photograph I have taken since March of this year, a total of about 14,000, cannot be accessed. All my photographs I had planned on using for posts for this coming winter, are no longer available. I only have a few files that I pulled from my external hard drive to work from, and I don’t think that includes one flower, not one.

The anguish I am in at this time I wish upon no one. This is an extremely hard lesson for me to learn. Not enough research was done, so I ended up with an…

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