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where is the B.B.Q i found some juicy meat for you people…..


Give me strength when my will is weak
Give me strength when my heart is frail
Give me strength when life gets rough
Give me strength when my spirit gives up

Give me strength when the sky is gray
Give me strength when the day is bleak
Give me strength when storm clouds hover
Give me strength to survive any storm

Give me strength when life seems lonely
Give me strength when friends are not near
Give me strength when life’s travel is not easy.
Give me strength to cast out any fear.
Champs Ulysses Cabinatan


yesterday around 15:30 smokey was put too rest on the table of a veterinarian.

his liver was shut down and making him sick as a dog.

so strange waking up and find that empty spot on the couch where he use to be ….

R.I.P good friend whe all miss you so much…..

each morning i get out of bed , walk outside for some fresh air and a cigarette,
i get back inside and feed the cats,grab the newspaper on my way inn ,walk to the kitchen and make some brew , watching the 08:00 news check my facebook , work in the garden , come back in for a sandwich or 2 , grab some more coffee ,brush my teeth take a shower , grab my camera and take a walk too find new pictures for you my audience my followers,

if i have no inspiration i go online and check
if there is anything i like …..


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